JFAUK LogoJFAUK would like to thank everyone who attended the first JFAUK National competition on Sunday the 7th Oct 2012.  The tournament war structured around the new JFAUK traditional Kodokan judo contest rules.

All the 130 contestants embraced the traditional rules with no difficulty achieving Wazari and Ippon scores only. The JFAUK nationals were very successful in laying a strong foundations for the promotion of upright, cleaner and skilful judo. Seeing contestants taking hold of each other within three seconds and immediately engaging in judo was well rewarded with some outstanding Ippon throwing.


With the new contest rules promoting groundwork and allowing to further engagement in skilful judo , there was ample evidence of better and outstanding groundwork skills across the board in all matches.

We believe the tournament was a resounding success and that was well received by all. Everybody who participated commented that they felt the warmth and friendly atmosphere within the tournament.

Traditions and formalities required and by the JFAUK were upheld by the contestants and the spectators.  This was strongly noted by all attendees.

JFAUK looks forward to harvesting its new seeds of old judo and with pride looks forward to working with all judoka who are of sound mind and of strong belief in the true traditions of pure judo.

The future for judo is bright; JFAUK aims to lift the cloud which has been suffocating judo for far too long. Our success is your success. Maximum efficiency with minimum effort.

Well done to you all.

Sampson Sampson
JFAUK Technical Director

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