Traditional Kodokan Judo

First National Judo Championships

for Juniors and Seniors

On Sunday the 7th October 2012

We take great pleasure in inviting you as members and our friends in judo, to the First National Junior and Senior Judo Championships organised by, the JFAUK (Judo for All UK) and supported by Aquaterra Sports Centre.

Please read the following information for your guidance: Poster

Sobell Sports Centre,
Hornsey Road, Islington,
London N7 7NY

Sunday October 7, 2012

Entry fee:
Only required for competitors,

Children £ 12.00 (under 16)

Adults  £ 15.00 (16+)

All spectators and officials attend free of charge.

Deadline for Entries 
All Entries  must be received by
Saturday 28September 2012

Weighing in times:
All children at 9.15am and all adults at 12.30pm.
Our aim is to allow candidates to have as many contest’s as possible. For this reason some particular weight categories may be amalgamated to make up numbers in a category.


Entries to:
Head Office, 47 The Shrublands, Potters Bar,
Hertfordshire, EN6 2BN
Or book online direct on

All fees are non refundable
Cheques should be made payable to
JFAUK (Judo for All)

A valid up to date JFAUK Licence will be required to enter the competition. Entrants by special invitation must produce a valid licence of their governing body showing proof of insurance. Please note that without a valid licence entrants will not be able to compete.  Licences must have a photo.

Gold, Silver, and two Bronzes will be awarded. A complimentary participation certificate of recognition  will be awarded to all competitors.

Entries on the day will not be permitted! (Sorry!)

The tournament has been organised for the benefit of the JFAUK judoka, our Associates and friends from clubs and organisations who truly share the enthusiasm and motivation in supporting each other to uphold the values and standards of Traditional Kodokan judo. It is our hope that all who participate will have an enjoyable and memorable day. Good luck to you all and we look forward to your participation

This tournament will be run under
the JFAUK Traditional Kodokan Contest Rules

Key points to note:Contest Rules

  1. Waza-ari and Ippon only score;
  2. One Referee only;
  3. Upright judo;
  4. 30 second hold down, Ippon; 25 second, Wazari
  5. Armlocks and strangles valid to all children over 55kg
  6. Any judoka, who is found to wear a judogi with the lapel being of thickness which will inhibit judo, and its purpose for competition, will not be allowed to compete;
  7. drop Seoi-nage on both legs will notpermitted;
  8. Sacrifice techniques will be permitted in all categories;
  9. All Contestants to wear only an all white, clean judogi;
  10. Judo suits with a manufactures logo will be permitted;
  11. Only two badges will be permitted on the Judogi;
  12. Please note there are no separate Primary weight categories;
  13. We ask that all club officers work in collaboration with the organisers, to ensure that all spectators / supporters, of the contestants are aware and understand that no coaching will be permitted during contest. That also the contest areas shall be kept clear of interference at all times. It is also required that competitors wear footwear to and from the contest area.
  14. We request that food and drinks are kept away from the competition area.
  15. Water will be provided to all competitors if needed.
  16. First aid will be on hand if needed. (St John’s Ambulance)
  17. Any concerns are to be addressed to the official organiser and director of the tournament who will make himself known on the day.

 For further information
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

0771 489 7381

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