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JFAUK presents the first ever SHOCHUGEIKO, a three day summer camp of extreme traditional Judo. This is something you don’t want to miss. A way of life for Sampson Sampson who will expose you to judo like you have never experienced before. You will be subjected to a range of outstanding training methods which we hope will revitalize the way you think about judo. The exercises alone will be an education in themselves.

The course is open to all judoka regardless of organization, all we ask is the valid up to date license of insurance is presented on the day. Our friendly, easy attitude will make every judoka feel welcomed. As friends of judo, JFAUK welcomes you to this event. 

JFAUK-1st-Summer Course

There will be an hour for lunch and refreshments between 1.00pm and 2.00pm.


The Course will cover

  • Judo aerobics
  • Judo gymnastics.  
  • Cardiovascular, speed Flexibility strength exercises
  • Explanation of judo related exercise and the role they play in the judo
  • Outstanding ukemi waza (the fun way)
  • Coordination and balance exercise helping with speed and flexibility, pure judo, judo is after all the way of flexibility.
  • Technical development training methods standing / groundwork
  • Counters combination techniques standing /Groundwork
  • Preventative methods against throws hold down strangles Arm-locks.
  • Standing and moving uchi komi, Groundwork uchi komi
  • Team building games
  • Randori

The above are but just some of the areas of judo that will be focused on at the summer course.

We will facilitate discussion on problem solving.

JFAUK welcomes you. And looks forward to your involvement and participation.

For further information please call
0771 489 7381
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