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The website is being launched on March 21, 2012 on the first day of spring as an auspicious occasion symbolising our aspiration to help bring about a refreshing trend and a revival in judo, in Britain. We hope to play a part alongside many others who independent of us endeavour in the same direction.  We further hope that we can join together and cooperate to nurture and prepare for a new generation of judoka in the 21st century, empowered with all that judo has to offer.

The website is conceived and is being developed as an instrument and as an extension of the ideas and concepts that form the JFAUK and the ideas that we believe are the foundation of Kodokan judo. The developers, all practicing judoka, have deployed entirely open source software, using the award winning Joomla CMS as the common platform that can provide for security, scalable growth, usability and easy access for all users. 

The current version, launched on March 21, is still in development and will continue to evolve with further social integration and as new sections of the website and various online applications are brought in to use in the next few months. These will include the Events and Activities, News, Store and Member’s Areas.  We have planned to deploy various associate and independent micro-sites for public use, to serve as portals for education, promotion & marketing and community networking to be brought online in the course of 2012-13.

We wish to thank all our colleagues and friends of judo who have helped us with their contributions and look forward to working together to continue to deliver and bring to life our plans. We further recognise and appreciate all trademarks and rights of all software vendors and developers whose product we have deployed. 

We welcome all comments, suggestions and ideas on our work, not least about the website and look forward to working together with mutual respect and support.

Marketing and Online development team.

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