JFAUK is a non-profit organisation setup to serve the new generation of judoka without any bureaucratic interference to allow all participants to enjoy judo to its full potential. JFAUK is established with a clear vision for success and fresh and innovative ideas reaching out and helping all participants in Judo.

  • Traditional Judo at its best
  • Effective and structured teaching programme
  • Logical, practical and comprehensive syllabus
  • Support, encourage and provide access to resources for all
  • Nurture Community spirit and engagement for clubs and judoka and their families
  • Certified qualifications for instructors, referees and trainers,
  • Championing mutual respect and collaboration
  • Minimal bureaucratic intrusion and interference in the day to day running of clubs;
  • authority to award grades up to 1st kyu and full junior grading syllabus for registered instructors;
  • encouraging grassroots and traditional Japanese Judo at its best

The primary goals and objectives of the JFAUK shall be to promote, foster and further develop the study of judo along traditional Japanese lines. We at JFAUK have in place a strong logical fundamental teaching programme to further develop and establish judo, our philosophy pinpoints and provide a good formula for education and success. Our solid basis for success is formed on years of past experience, in teaching and in the practice of judo, nationally and internationally. We have a high quality syllabus for training and for examination.

The JFAUK aims to put to practice the concept of mutual respect and adherence to the traditions and teachings of judo and to build its organisation firmly based on these fundamental principals.

 We aim to support and encourage all club instructors to be more effective in the way that they run and teach their clubs. We recognise the critical importance of reinstating the responsibility and authority of instructors in order for them to be seen by their students as leaders and officers of the JFAUK. 
We recognise that all JFAUK members and officers must strictly uphold the judo code of contact and set a good example for all to follow. 

The JFAUK aims to help judo grow by removing all bureaucratic intrusions on the day to day running of judo clubs. Further we aim to put all our available resources into providing the necessary requirements and resources to help revitalise judo and its clubs to grow.

We aim to make judo more enjoyable, safe, effective, satisfying and more importantly productive and popular without compromising in standards.

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JFAUK Features

  • Traditional Judo at it best!
  • Club independence
  • Grade up to Brown Belt
  • Extensive Audio/Video teaching tools
  • Regular workshops
  • Instructors training
  • Insurance with £10million cover
  • No Bureacracy
  • Forward looking and inclusive organisation

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